Computerized Controller
with Data Acquisition


Preliminary Emission Testing

Flagship’s newest Dyno is state-of-the-art. This dynamometer, manufactured by Dynamic Test Systems Inc, will
accommodate engines ranging from 100HP to over 1,000HP. This system, including the 125 ton Cooling Tower,
enables us to do world-class development and durability testing. Our unique muffler system allows us to run continuously
into the night without disturbing our neighbors. The DTS system incorporates two (2) lambda sensors to precisely
measure A/F ratios on either gasoline or natural gas. Our new emission measurement equipment allows for precise
monitoring of HC, CO and NOx for comparison to applicable CARB and EPA marine emission standards. Our new
dyno facility enables precise calibration of the GM EFI system in order to maximize engine power while minimizing
fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. This system, in combination with our original dynamometer, allows us to
compare and evaluate engine performance data for continuous improvement. Engine performance, economy and
emission data is recorded and available to our customers in the form of a computer generated report.



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