Performance Kits from Flagship
for Mercury

Smart Charge Level 1
8 to 15 HP Increase

Smart Charge Level 1 P/N - 155351

Flaghsip Marine
Smart Charge Kits
for MerCruiser 454/502 MPI






Level 2 Applications

Smart Charge Level 2*
20 to 30 HP Increase

Smart Charge Level 2 P/N - see below

Mercury Marine VST engines ------------------------------------ P/N - 155354
Mercury Marine “Cool Fuel” engines with mechanical fuel pump -- P/N - 155353

  Flagship Smart Charge System Levels 1 & 2 are designed to increase the horsepower and enhance
the performance of any stock, non-supercharged Mercury 454/502 MPI engine built in the model
years 1993 - 2000. Only available for engines with GM controllers.

*Denotes a $500 dollar core charge for the original ECM that was installed on the motor

The Blower Shop Supercharger Kits
with Flagship Twin GM TBI Fuel Injection Systems

The Blower Shop low profile 250 polished super charger kit with twin GM TBI fuel injection, Delco electronics,
Spark control, and fuel system.
Shown on an 8.9L 540 CID 700+ HP Flagship GM marine engine.

250SEFI kit ---------------P/N FBS250-1
671SEFII Intercooler kit -- P/N FBS671-2

Note! Other Flagship Blower Shop kits available upon request.

Twin TBI Kits for V8 GM supercharged engines

Twin GM TBI fuel injection Kits with Delco electronics, spark control, and
fuel systems for Blower Shop blower kits (supercharger kit not included)

Twin TBI fuel injection 250SEFI kit P/N TTBI001
Twin TBI fuel injection 671SEFII kit P/N TTBI002



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