World Renown For Their Innovative Performance Stern Drive Engine Accessories

P/N M-72 Merc SS Riser 3” & 6” Taller Available
P/N M-GK Riser Gasket

P/N PF-85SA SS S.A. Riser Pipe 3” & 6” Taller Pipes Available
P/N M-73 Merc SS with Silent Choice

Riser Pipe with ECM Bracket
Riser Pipe with Shift Bracket

P/N PF-82A Power Flow Riser 3” & 6” Taller Pipes Available
P/N RGK Round water holes Flange Gasket
P/N RGKN Triangular shaped water holes Flange Gasket

Black P/N PF-80B
Polished P/N PF-80P
BB Chevy Manifold

Power Flow Manifolds



Black Recirculating BB P/N PF-87B
Polished Recirculating BB P/N PF-87P

Black P/N PFS-82AKB
Polished P/N PFS-82AKP
SB Chevy Manifold with Pipe

for BB & SB GM Engines

P/N SA-94Y Merc Alpha & Bravo
P/N SA-100Y OMC Cobra, SX
P/N SA-96L Low Profile Merc
P/N SA-99L Low Profile OMC

P/N SAWK-20 Momentary rocker switch kit



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