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Inboard Block Boring




Rod Align Honing


Inboard Connecting Rod Reconditioning



Press Wrist Pins On and Off Rods

Cylinder Block Boring & Honing
Bore & hone up to .060 per cyl.
Bore & hone .060 to .125 per cyl.
Bore & hone .125 to .250 per cyl. - V8
Torque plate extra
Hone with torque plate extra
Boil and install brass plugs
Install cyl. Sleeve per cyl.
Hone std. Type V8
Align hone (most std. V8)
Install cam bearings
Measure deck height by way of 4 corner method.
Drill and tap oil galleries
"O" ring block
Mill V8 block both head sides
Mill 6 cyl block
Mill 4 cyl block

Crank Work
Grind, radius and microfinish all crank V8
Magnaflux crank V8
Microfinish and radius oil holes V8
Glass peen crank
Boil crankshaft
Hard chrome and stroker cranks available by
Crower & Eagle

Piston Work
Glass peen pistons V8 and pin fit
Hone pistons for oversize pins
Mill dome to specific CC
Mill one valve notch per piston _ V8
Mill two valve notches per piston _ V8
Mill Flame notch std. Design
Measure piston to valve clearance (when assembled)
Rod Work
Align Honing
Magnaflux rods V8
Press pins on and off V8
Hone rods for floating and oversize pins V8
Recondition rods V8 and glass peen
Glass peen rods
SPS bolts Extra
Crower & Eagle rods available
Balancing Work
V8 independent assembly
V8 dependent assembly
V8 assembly using light or heavy components
Modify or stroker assembly
8 cyl. In-line engine
6 cyl. In-line engine
4 cyl. In-line engine
V6 engine assembly
Pressure plate
Harmonic balancer
Balance odd jobs

Inboard Engine Block Honing





Crankshaft Align Honing





Inboard Engine Balancing



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