Flagship's Outboard Machine Shop Services

Flagship's fully equipped Machine Shop Services offers services to our dealers who wish to rebuild their own Powerheads. These are the same services used in all of Flagship remanufactured products. In addition to machining Evinrude / Johnson blocks, we also perform these services to Mercury & Yamaha products.

Machine Block Decks or Surface Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Head Surfacing

Cylinder head surfacing is a very important part of engine rebuilding. If the surface is not flat and within the manufacturer's tolerance the proper amount of gasket squish is not achieved across the gasket. At Flagship we surface these cylinder heads to bring them back within tolerence while removing the minimum amount of material.

Cylinder and Crankcase & Parts Cleaning Service

This procedure consists of hot tank plus glass beading that removes heavy carbon deposits plus removes severe corrosion while cleaning the gasket surfaces leaving all parts looking almost like new. This process is available for all cylinder & crankcases, cylinder heads and pistons. Pricing is calculated by the number of cylinders, pistons, and cylinder heads.

Flagship makes every attempt to advise you of a problem that we find during any of the above processes.

Miscellaneous Operations

Retrofit Late Model V4 Block

Heli-arc Welding Service

Block Pressure Testing

(Priced per Individual Job)

Flywheel Repair Service

Flagship not only reglues and replaces the outside magnets but now has the ability to reglue the sensor (center) magnets for Evinrude & Johnson flywheels. In order for us to reglue the center magnet your magnet must be good. It cannot be cracked or melted.

Flagship makes every attempt to advise you of a problem that we find during any of the above processes.

Broken Bolt and Tap Removal

Broken bolt removal

Broken Tap removal

Priced Per/Hr

Heli-coil installation is priced per installation


Crankshaft & Wrist Pin Polishing
Pricing is calculated by the number of cylinders



All Outboard crankshafts and wrist pins that we polish are measured, inspected and cleaned before polishing. Once polished they get a coat of rust preventative prior to shipment. Shown above is, before polishing and after.


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