Flagship's Outboard Machine Shop Services

Flagship's fully equipped Machine Shop Service offers services to our dealers who wish to rebuild their own Powerheads. These are the same services used in all of Flagships remanufactured products. In addition to machining Evinrude / Johnson blocks we also perform these services to Mercury & Yamaha blocks

Outboard Cylinder Boring

Precision Boring and Honing

(Includes Port Deburring)

Boring One Cylinder up to .030

Boring Two or More Cylinders Up to .030

Boring Cylinders up to .065

Boring Over .065 Oversize

Precision Honing (Clean-Up)

Replace Cylinder Sleeve Including Sleeve (depending on model)

Available for Mercury and Yamaha.

Outboard Block Honing

As part of our continued dealers services, when you send in a block to be machined, high quality (not aftermarket) parts are availabe for your rebuild. We make these available for your convienence, kind of a one stop shopping. This way everything comes to you in one package with one freight bill.



Suzuki 4 Cycle Cylder Boring


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