Engine Care Products

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Evinrude / Johnson Products

Fogging Oil P/N 775626
Engine Tuner P/N 775627
2+4 Stabilizer P/N 775613
Carbon Guard P/N 772048
Marine Cleaner P/N 775631
XD 30 Outboard oil P/N 777219
XD 100 Outboard oil P/N 777118
6n1 Penetrating lube P/N 775621
Wheel Bearing Grease P/N 508303

Sta-Bil Products

P/N 1108B - 8OZ
P/N 1132 - 32OZ

Yamaha Products

Outboard 2 cycle Oil P/N ACC-M TCW3 OIL 4-1GL/CS

Ringfree Fuel Additive P/N ACC-RNGFR-EE-12

Multi-purpose Grease P/N ACC-GREAS-16-TB

Stor-rite Fogging Oil P/N ACC-STORE-RI-TE

Loctite / Permatex Products

Gasket Eliminator 518 P/N 51813
Thread Sealant P/N 56521
Hi tack Sealant P/N 80065
Loctite 271 P/N 26240
Loctite 242 P/N 24240


Penzoil Products

Engine Oil - 30W SAE P/N 62599
Engine Oil - 40W SAE P/N 62600
Synthetic Outboard Oil P/N 56571 1 GAL TCW3
Oil Filters P/N PZ-1, PZ-3, PZ-29
Z4 Multi-purpose Lube P/N 1115
Corrosion Protectant P/N 1108
ZQ Quick Penetrant P/N 1118


Engine Coating and Paint

Evinrude/Johnson Colors
Universal Black P/N 203
Crusader Blue P/N 20859
Chris Craft Blue P/N 1115-99800h

Hi-temp engine paint as well as original equipment paint from Evinrude/Johnson, Crusader, and Chris Craft - 12 oz cans

Note! Other colors available see price sheet or call

Engine Coating and Paint

Black P/N 85684
Blue - P/N 86792
White P/N 85683

Commercial Engine Coatings extremely durable for marine applications - 16oz cans

Note! Other colors available see price sheet or call

Water Finder Paste
Finds water in fuel and oil


Anti-tamper Sealer P/N TS-1



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