Aftermarket Outboard Pistons

Wiseco or other Aftermarket Pistons Special Order Only

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Evinrude / Johnson Outboard Starter & Trim Motors

P/N 586279

40 / 50 hp -- 2 Cylinder

P/N 586281

3 Cylinder

P/N 586283

V4 Cross Flow


P/N 586285

V4 Loop


P/N 586288

V6 Cross Flow

P/N 586284

All Eagle 6V4

P/N 586287

All Eagle 6V6

P/N 586731

V6 / V8 Loop


P/N 394176

Integral Trim Motor
3 bolt flange

P/N 585229

Trac Trim Motor
4 bolt Flange

Techmate - Self-contained diagnostic scan tool that Displays GM Marine EFI System Information and performs Component diagnosis. Techmate also displays live sensor readings, extracts ECM fault codes, and performs multiple pulse fuel injector test and allows base spark advance to be set using a timing light  

Diacom Plus - PC based diagnostic software tool that taps into the engines onboard computer allowing the technician to quickly zero in on the problem. Diacom also displays 30 engine perimeters allowing you to get the big picture. It displays graphical data to help you analyze data to pinpoint those troublesome intermittment problems.

EFI Test Equipment
by Rinda Technologies

Codemate - Serves as an economical tool that only reads fault codes and also allows spark advance to be set when used with a timing light.




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